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6 Feminized Mango Tango Pro Seeds

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The amazing Mango Tango strain was originated by Elemental Seeds crossing the extremely potent five time Cannabis Cup Winner The True OG with the super delicious Tangie x Peaches. With its True OG Genetics (27.6%THC) Mango Tango’s potency is nothing short of amazing and the flavor is a connoisseur’s dream.

Mango Tango has large dense minty green buds with a frosty layer of glistening crystal trichomes. She is truly exceptional with High Yields and a flowering time of 56 to 62 days. This extraordinary bud won 1st Place Overall at the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup in 2015 due to its insanely high THC level. It also won 1st Place for Best Concentrate Overall at the SoCal Secret Cup nationwide American Hash Makers tournament.

Smooth flavors dance with waves of mango aroma. The tantalizing scents & full bodied flavors of Mango Tango’s complex flavor profile include notes of juicy peach with deep tangerine citrus undertones and a insanely delicious sweet peachy exhale which can only be described as "to die for". This strain grows well both indoors and outdoors.

Ridiculously frosty and true to its True OG parentage the euphoric high of Mango Tango will relax your mind and take you on a soaring uplifting head high that catapults you into the clouds. The potent long lasting effects will then sedate you with a most pleasing stone that eases the nerves and soothes away any stress. You will not be disappointed!

Price Match Guarantee: Out of respect for Elemental Seeds we will not undercut their prices. If you find a lower price on Mango Tango feminized seeds in stock at any legitimate seed bank we will match it. Seeds are sold for souvenir purposes only. 21+

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