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Girl Scout Cookies has become a cultural phenomenon but the original genetics are closely guarded by “The Cookie Fam” breeders from NorCal. A few growers now have made attempts to cultivate this strain with varied results, but one hybrid shines as truly exceptional & that is SinMint Cookies originated by Sin City Seeds utilizing the prized Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut. High Times was so impressed with this strain that it earned a spot in the High Times Top 10 Strains & tested in at 28.83% THC via Analytical 360 Labs.

She is a heavy yielding strain that grows fast and vigorous providing solid dense chunky large buds with lots of trichomes in as little as 8-9 weeks. Giving you all that you love about Girl Scout Cookies but with faster more potent flowers and increased flavor profile.

Leaning slightly towards the indica side but maintaining it’s sativa characteristics SinMint Cookies provides a happy powerfully euphoric effect that lets your mind float blissfully away from the day’s stresses but still an excellent strain to hang with friends or engage in activities.

SinMint Cookies is super tasty with a complex and unique palette and intoxicating aroma providing a rich mix of earthy floral sweetness and a hashy flavor that boasts wonderful cookie dough and minty overtones.

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