Emperor Cookie Dough Seeds

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IN STOCK: The 3 Strongest Strains On Earth!
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High Times Magazine®

"Strawberry Banana"

"Original Bruce Banner"

"Ghost Train Haze #1"

We are searching for legit Emperor Cookie Dough genetics but there aren't any on the market as of yet.

Original Bruce Banner, Strawberry Banana, and Ghost Train Haze #1, not only have Unsurpassed Potency, but also Very Generous Yields, Connoisseur Flavor, and Superlative Highs. You truly need nothing more.

We are always striving to continue bringing you the best of the best and though there are no legit seeds for the emperor cookie dough strain on the market, we have emperor cookie dough seeds on our wish list. If you have access to pure, emperor cookie dough seeds, genetics via Greenwolf LA, please contact us with docs. Thanks!

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